PLN Disjaya’s Service Counter Will Raise Customer Satisfaction

“PLN’s service is hard to access”“We can’t get PLN’service if we don’t use shill” … these are common comment from people of Jakarta if they want to get electricity service from PLN Disjaya (in english: Jakarta Electrical Distribution Company). It is bad image for PLN. Because of that, PLN Disjaya has built Service Counter at Mall or Shopping Centre at Jakarta to make PLN’s service closer to customer. With closer services, the customer satisfaction will raise significantly.

In the first place, location of PLN Disjaya’s service counters are in malls and shopping centres, which are center of people activity in Jakarta. Before that, customer have to allocate special time to come to PLN’s office. This is annoying for customer in Jakarta. They do not have enough time to come to PLN’s office at working hours because they usually busy with work or avoiding traffic jam. It makes them usually use shill to represent them to get access PLN’s services. With availability of PLN’s service at those locations which usually full in weekend or holiday, customer can directly come to PLN’s service counter while they are shopping or take a walk.

In the second place, kind of service which provided in PLN’s Service Counter are most commonly service which is needed major customer. Service process and its standard are the same with service and standard at PLN’s office. With full IT support and modern IT application which is used in PLN’s service counter, customer data is 100 % real-time online with CIS application at PLN’s office.

Lastly, service counter will cut working of shill because customers are easy to access PLN’s services. Using shill, the service cost is uncertain, because usually shill will raise the cost in order some benefit for themself. Service counter has made customers have certainty with service standard quality and also service cost.

PLN’s service counter has facilitate PLN’s customer in Jakarta to get electricity services. Thereby, it is hoped the customer satisfaction is raising. In next year, PLN Disjaya’s service counter also will service PLN’s customer from Bekasi, Depok and Bogor, which are region of PLN West Java and Banten.

Jakarta,September 2009 by Agung TY


3 Responses to “PLN Disjaya’s Service Counter Will Raise Customer Satisfaction”

  1. anna


    i cant disagree more.

    we spend too much money for that. i prefer develop services via web seriously, so it can go anywhere, anytime.

  2. Muhammad Imaduddin

    salam kenal juga pak Agung,

    Harus diakui, persepsi masyarakat akan pelayanan PLN belum bagus. Ujung tombak atau quick wins bisa dilakukan oleh rekan2 Distribusi untuk merubah persepsi ini, salah satunya dengan “getting closer to the customer”.

    • Agung TY

      Terima kasih mas.

      Btw mas imad warga PLN juga? di unit mana mas? kalo iya, kita sama donk he3x

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