Future Software Should Use Web Based Technology

Today every company use software in order to support its business so business will run efficient and effective. The best technology for future software is web based because web based technology support easy implementation, maintenance and integration with many other systems.

Software which use web based technology has implemented sophisticated 3-tier software development concept. This concept talks about separating modern software into 3 tier ie client function, computation function or business logic function and data saving (database). This modern concept offers many advantage for developer, inter-alia easy development with many free support for programmer, easy bugs testing using many provided web browser etc.

One of superiority
of web based technology is the easy implementation of the application. User client only need web browser, which is commonly installed in every desktop or personal computer operating systems to access the sofware applications, no need other software.

Modern concept
of separating application tier brings easy of integration between software application. Before web based technology is available, software developer have to included hard-coded coding into all part of software. Today, software developer only need to do coding at application tier and a little bit coding at database if it is needed, they do not need to change client tier. With web technology, integration with other system is far more open cross platform. Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS can exchange data easily with web services and XML which is part of web technology.

Web based software application will be more easy to implement, maintain and integrate. This sophisticated technology is promising to be a shortcut for IT Services to support company business process. In many ways, all new application should be built using web technology.

Jakarta, september 2009 by Agung TY


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